1936 Ford Sedan Delivery

A reader wrote in asking for information on how I installed the 1940 Ford dash into the 1936 Ford Cabriolet.

    "Just found your website and am interested as I am building a 36 Ford sedan delivery. I had to piece together a 35 Ford four door sedan from the B post forward and used the delivery body from the B post back. This modification uses the steel post from the Ford four door and only required a slight modification of the post casting.

    This past weekend I managed to find a 40 dash and wondered if you used the front section from the 36 cabriolet dash when you installed the 40 dash in the 36 cabriolet. I am building my delivery with a reproduction 40 wheel and the swans neck floor shifter and with the 40 dash I hope to achieve a look similar to the cabriolet that you built.
    Any info will be appreciated".

    Yes I did use a small portion of the cabriolet dash. I actually used the ends and top. You of course won't need a cabriolet dash. They are very valuable and it is different than the sedan dash. If I may suggests also, it would be much better to get an original steering wheel rather than using a fake. I try to always use real parts as the fakes almost always look like fakes.

    I have built a lot of 36 ford bodies and have a lot of information on building a very functional and refined restorod. The list of modifications required to build that 36 Cabriolet that is on my web site is as long as your arm. The fact that these mods are not obvious is what I pride myself on.

    My good friend that influenced the design work and technical information on the Cabriolet and who actually owns the towncar delivery, has a huge inventory of 35 and 36 parts. He has been an avid collector of those parts for over 40 years. If you are needing parts, we can probably satisfy your needs.

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