Vintage Automobile Ads

These vintage cars and trucks from the 1930's to 1960's featured in this video are from old automobile ads, and are fun to watch!

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Growing up in Northwest Washington State I had my hands in the grease at an early age, rebuilding the engine in my first car before I had a license to drive. I began autobody work and prepping for paint before graduating from high school in 1969. Post graduation my career began in a body shop in Kirkland, Washington, and I've worked in the auto repair and restoration industry ever since.

As I made a conscious effort to land employment in the shops with the highest reputations, I was privileged to work with many talented automotive craftsmen over the years. As a result of their mentoring, my career evolved into the restoration of some of the finest exotic and classic cars in the world. Packards, Cadillacs, Isotta Fraschini, Bentley, Rolls Royce, and Ferarri, just to name a few of the fine automobiles I had the pleasure to restore.

Complete reconstruction of wooden-bodied cars such as the 1929 Murfy-bodied Duesenberg convertible sedan, and smaller cars like Chevrolet Cabriolets gave "body building" a whole new meaning.

Understanding why the "all metal Fords" have been favored by the thrifty car collectors, and hot rodders becomes very clear when you have the experience of building inside the sheet metal skin of one of these "wooden-bodied cars".

In comparison, the major reconstruction of all metal-bodied cars including the 1936 Ford Cabriolets proved to be a far easier task. However, by doing both I acquired the expertise to specialize in the 1930's era of motor vehicles, as well as the ability to restore any vintage car or truck.

As a result of my life experiences, I've acquired a taste for vintage style hot rods. I find great pleasure in building cars in pure form, respecting and retaining the great design work in these early cars while producing something that is "drivable".

Selecting a "theme" and maintaining that focus throughout a project proves to be a serious challenge, but provides great satisfaction to my clientele when the project reaches completion. That's what Doug's Classic Coachworks is all about!

Doug Leibrant

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