1922 Kissel Boat Tail Speedster Body Restoration

1922 Kissel Speedster sheet metal restoration. There wasn't a lot of the rear body that was reused on this car because a good portion of it was rusted away. It was easier and far better to remake the pieces on top, between the lids and at the rear of the cockpit too.
This car has some of the more unusual features of any classic car. This is a boat tail speedster, and in it's hay day, it was very fast. It would do 75 miles per hour. The car had drawer seats which I have never seen on any other car. The rectangular holes in the side of the rear body is where these drawer seats slide out. The rear passengers could sit on these seats and rest their feet on the running boards. They had to be very trusting of the driver, that he wouldn't brush up too close to a tree as he was speeding down the road.

Amelia Earhart owned a 1923 Kissel Speedster

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