Hot Rod Custom 1930's Arvin Hot Water Heater.

I didn't like the thought of punching holes through the firewall as is done usually with an accessory heater like this. In doing that, the water hoses run from the firewall to the water pump in the front of the 1957 Corvette engine. It's rather unsightly and distracting when you have heater hoses running along side a beautiful vintage Fuel Injected 283 in a 1936 Ford like this.

Instead, I routed the lines down, and made up hard copper lines inside the frame rails, then came straight up to the water pump and water neck on the front of the engine.

In order to avoid bolting through the firewall, I had to make a bolt plate, and welded it to the inside of the firewall.

It sure made a clean installation of the Arvin heater.

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