1934 Chevrolet Cabriolet Restoration

In 1934 Chevrolet made one of the most beautiful cars in the history of the company. This 1934 Chevrolet Cabriolet is being restored to exacting standards. We had to recast the 1934 Chevrolet Cabriolet Windshield on this one because the original was in bad condition. We recast it in bronze to replace the original pot metal frame.

Side Shaft 7-1/2 hp Gasoline Engine Hit and Miss

This vintage Gasoline engine was built by Ruston-Hornsby Company in 1912. When resistance is applied, and rpm drops, it fires more frequently in order to maintain the rpm. This is much different than the modern day engines that fire regularly on every forth stroke or every second stroke, depending on whether it is a 4 or 2 stroke engine. This video was taken at the 2010 Arlington WA Air Show.

The owner wrote that the engine was most likely used to run an overhead shaft which in turn ran a flex shaft that ran clippers for shearing sheep in the outback of Australia as it was shipped to Sydney from England where it was built.

The tower in the right side was actually the cooling radiator. Water was pumped up to where in ran down over the screens to cool the water.

General Jumbo Cleve-Weld Wheel

General Tire company offered a wheel/tire combination in the early 30s. Here is a nice example of what you would get. There aren't any appropriate General tires available for these General Jumbo rims, although you can get a period correct Good Year tire that fits. That is what I intend to do for my 37 Chevy Pickup Truck. It will certainly set my truck further apart from anything else out there.

1934 Chevrolet Goodrich Tire Original

Original 1934 Chevrolet tires are a rare thing to see. I would like to see one of the reproduction tire manufacturers take one of these five original tires that we have, and make a nice copy. I did offer it to one of the companies and all I got was, "We don't do custom orders" He couldn't understand that I was offering him an opportunity. At least that's what I thought. We would certainly be the first to buy a set if they were reproduced. These tires are beautiful, but they are only good for static display. Being 75 years old, you wouldn't want to tour on them. The spare tire doesn't look like it's hit the ground. It looks like we painted the red on the tire to match the wheel, but we didn't. The red on the tire was actually done that way originally.