This universal self canceling turn signal switch is one that was made in the USA like all the switches that I restore.

It has been professionally restored and works very smooth.  This unit is ready to install.

This is a Guide 6004

$210 includes a clamp.

1951 1952 Belair Turn signal switch Guide 6004 For Sale Rebuilt

I'm offering a nice smooth working Guide 6004 with the "hand cuff" style clamp that fits the 1-3/4" column.  The switch has been professionally gone through and freshened up with resurfaced contacts and rewired.

This switch is ready to install.

This is a self canceling, 7 wire unit.

This one has original paint.  If you want one with new paint,  I have another one that I can build for you.

$180 plus $15 flat rate priority mail.

Kelsey Hayes Bent Spoke 40 Spoke 16 " Wire spoke Wheels Comparison

Every early Ford enthusiast recognizes the "Buzz Word" Kelsey Hayes Wheels..

I am more of a Chevrolet fan and I thought I would just display a comparison of the two different versions of the 16" Kelsey Hayes Bent Spoke 40 Spoke accessory wheels.

Seems to me, an argument about which one is the most appealing and proportionate in design would be futile.  The center is much more appealing in shape and size on the Chevrolet version.

Actually I have some Mopar wheels and they have the same center as the Chevrolet version.  To me, it just doesn't get any better in the early wire spoke wheels.

Restored 1940s 1950s Turn Signal Switch 7 wire Self Canceling Yankee

This switch has been completely restored and is ready to install.  It's a good switch for the type of steering wheel that is relatively "flat" on the bottom like the Ford wheels.  The rubber self canceling wheel on this unit as well as the Pioneer unit,  angle up more than some of the units do like the Guide 6004.  I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about different switches that I offer.

I'm offering this switch at $255 plus flat rate priority mail

Restored Turn Signal Switch 1940s 1950s Self Canceling 7 wire Very Rare Art deco

This is one of the finest switches that were produced as an add on switch.  The body is die cast metal,  it has a wheel that turns against the steering wheel to cancel the switch as you turn your steering wheel back straight and it has an internal switch with 7 contacts,  giving it that capability of separating the brake lights so one can be flashing while the other is on solid.  This is the big advantage over the 4 wire units that so many people get fixated on,  like the Yankee 960.  Yes it's cool looking,  but it doesn't self cancel and it's a mystery to me how you could tie into your existing brake lights with that unit. It can't be mechanically connected to achieve that function.

This unit has been completely restored and is ready to install,  with wiring instructions.

Doesn't get any better than this.   This is a US Pioneer 250

I'm offering this for $310 plus flat rate priority shipping


Rarest of the early accessory wheels made by Clev-weld, who was the same manufacturer of the famous , so called "General Jumbo" wheels. General Tire made tires that were named JUMBO, and they were mounted on the aftermarket wheels that are known as the General Jumbo Wheels.

All the other tire manufacturers made similar tires and call them different names like "Air Balloon"and "Air Wheel", etc. but the one that is by far the most well known is the GENERAL JUMBO...

I have owned and seen many different wheels of this sort that were produced for the early 1930 cars, so that they could run  "BIG WIDE TIRES" that would go over soft surfaces better than the original "PIE CUTTER" tires.

General offered their JUMBO tires on wheels that were 14",15", and 16".  The 16" are by far the most desirable now because there is a fairly wide verity of tires available now in reproduction.

I was very excited to see these wheels that I just purchased on eBay.  They are full set of 5 wheels in 16" x 4-1/2" and 6 lug Chevrolet pattern.  The wheels are NOS and have never had tires mounted on them.  They are wheels that I have never seen before.

Mopar had some wheels that were similar but not the same, if you look closely and count the spokes...

I may use these on a Teardrop trailer that I plan to build.  I haven't decided yet as I have a couple of different options of rare accessory wheels that would be great on that application. My other option is the Bent Spoke/40 Spoke/ 16" x 4-1/2" Kelsey Hayes 6 lug wheels.

Here are some images of my choices.

Guide 6004 Turn Signal Switch For Sale NOS and Restored Guide 6004 Yankee Dietz US Pioneer

Guide 6004 Turn Signal Switches are among my favorite and one of the models that I have been restoring for over 15 years.

I only do turn signal switches that appeal to me,  which are all made of "Die Cast metal".  They are all "7 wire" units and they are all "Self Canceling"

Because the mounting brackets, and clamps are frequently lost,  I have made hammer forms to recreate those missing pieces.

If you have a discerning taste for quality on your Classic or Collector Car,  then here is your opportunity to keep your car looking good and functioning comfortably.

I usually have a selection of switches for sale that have been gone through thoroughly and most have been repainted unless the original paint is in good shape.

If you have been so lucky to come upon a good one on eBay or elsewhere,  I can restore your switch.
I have picked up a lot of switches like that, but I'm finding it harder to get a reasonable deal on a core like that anymore. There are probably a lot of those switches laying in "Dream State" now.

Here are some examples of my painstakingly restored switches, and some cores that I have available at the time of this posting.  Again,  these are the Vintage Turn Signal Switches that I restore. Guide 6004  Dietz 6004  B-L-C 6004  US Pioneer  Yankee

Rubber wheel self canceling,  7 wire,  Die Cast Metal  Vintage Turn Signal Switches