1936 Ford Towncar Delivery

In 1936, there were a few of the standard production cars that were taken to a custom body builder for modification. This happens to be one of those cars.

Although the original customization of the car is no longer, it is still as it could have been done in 1936. The original custom was a stretched, four door with windows in the sides. The extra doors were constructed of wood and are long gone to the termites or whatever chose to make them a meal.

I filled the window holes back shut and cut and pushed the top back to allow for a convertible front portion. The upper portion of the B pillar is custom fabricated to accommodate the latching mechanism required to hold the convertible top in position when closed. Actually, none of the door opening at the rear part of the front door is original because I had to fit the lower portion of the convertible B pillar. This allows for the convertible doors.

The list of special accessories that will be used on this project is long. The wheels are known as General Jumbo and were produced by a company called Cleveland Welding in the 1930's.

We fit a center section from a Cadillac Limo that was built in 1936. This provides a divider with roll up window behind the driver.

I will be adding to this blog post as progress on the project proceeds, so go to the top of your page and bookmark this. Come back and visit again.
When we started with this car, it was actually the remains of a custom Seibert Coachbuilt sedan delivery that was stretched, shown in the picture above. I added a link to the Seibert web site where I found the picture.
This is a 1936 Cunningham Coachbuilt Custom


ken woods said...

the wheels definately add to the look of the car.

RestoRodsToGo said...

Kenny, Thanks for your comment. Yes those wheels are the Rare Cleveland Welding wheels, otherwise known as General Jumbo wheels. Actually these 11 spoke wheels were offered by BF Goodrich in a package, tire/wheel combination.

Bruce said...

Nice...Reminds me of the Model A Taxi I built out of 1 1/2 Model A's