1971 Pontiac Trans AM restoration

When we started the restoration on this 1971 Pontiac Trans AM, big block 4 speed muscle car, we didn't realize how bad it had been cobbled up in it's previous life. I know it's not politically correct to profile, but I think this car was rebuilt by what's sometimes referred to as curbside auto body. It other words the guys that did what they did to this poor car, likely had all their equipment in a beat up old pickup truck, and performed the butchery in a previous owners driveway.

We actually knew that the quarter needed replacing because the evidence of pop rivets and brazing was visible from inside the trunk. It was only after the interior, and outer quarter panel was removed, that we realized we'd need to find a complete corner section with a portion of the rocker panel and part of the rear tray behind the seat.

After removing all the destroyed metal and stretching the body back out into proper alignment, we began the process of rebuilding. I have seen a lot of shoddy work in my 40 plus year career in body restoration, but I have to say this was probably the worst. It's been rescued now and will be a very nice example of the last of the muscle cars.

"Doug, that poor car looks nice on your blog. It's hard for me to believe how bad this car actually was, but I am excited to see it after all your skills have been applied. I am very thankful that you chose to take this job.... So, Thank you! Talk to ya later, Scott"

Scott has the mechanicals looking great. He's installed the new engine he's built and he's done a great job on the chassis. Attention to detail really sets it off.


Scott said...

Just wanted to let you know that I have been following this site since early on and I must say that I am impressed with the amount of content that has been added to this site! Very interesting projects! It's nice to see that you take great pride in your work!

Scott said...

Car looks great Doug! Can't wait to start assembling her!

Doug said...

Thanks Scott. Wait till we get her polished up!