1937 Chevrolet Truck Grill Emblem All Original

Genuine OEM 1937 Chevrolet Truck Grill Emblem with original paint. The reproduction grill emblems are designed from the 1937 Chevrolet Car emblems which are daintier in fashion. If you look closely at this original and compare to the repops, you'll notice the more bolder styling on the truck emblem and of course the quality and crispness of detail.

1939 Chevrolet Sport Coupe

This 1939 Chevrolet Sport Coupe is restored to it's original glory with the exception of taller highway gears and a little larger stove bolt six. We used a 1954, 235 cubic inch inline six, so it still looks quite original under the hood but is capable of maintaining highway speeds. We used all the original accessories on the engine including the old style valve cover. If you are not an expert on these early Chevrolets, you'll not be able to tell it's been upgraded. Maintaining the design appearance is something I strongly lean towards. The paint is a near perfect match to the original Mars Gray. This was accomplished by taking the modern Dupont replacement paint, eliminating the glittery metallic substance in the formula, and replacing it with the dullest aluminum that was available in the mixing bank. The glass is date bugged and black edged just as it was originally. All fasteners are also of correct markings and finish. Detail, detail, detail.

1953 Chrysler Ghia at Kirkland Concours d' Elegance

The 1953 Chrysler Ghia concept car at the 2009 Kirkland Concours d' Elegance is the one that really caught my eye. It is interesting to note that a lot of the features of this car have been used in many of the late model Chrysler products. I have always had a strong belief that those early designers were blessed with immense talent. If you look at pretty much all of the 1930's automobiles, you will certainly understand my point. They were designing with their hands and from pictures in there heads. Not with the modern technology available today.

I had invited some friends to ride over to see some real classic cars. Because so many people refer to Mustangs and other mass produced vintage cars as Classic Cars, (not that I consider Mustangs as Vintage), I wanted to show friends what real Classic Cars are. I think they caught on to the term Classic Car shortly after they walked into the show area.

There were a lot of very nice Classics at the gathering. It was a good show.

Check out this Ghia! WOW!

1937 Chevrolet Truck 1932 Chevrolet Cabriolet

A 1937 Chevrolet Truck alongside a 1932 Chevrolet Cabriolet makes one wonder why the Fords of that era become so popular. The biggest major reason is pretty well known by those that are knowledgeable about the era. Flathead V8 Fords captured the attention of anyone who wanted to go fast at an easily affordable price. The 1932 Chevrolet Cabriolet was also of structural wood construction and didn't last as well as the Fords that were all metal in 1932. The 1937 Chevrolet Truck was the first year for all metal construction in the Chevrolet line. There were high end cars that would go faster than the 1932 Ford, but the cost was prohibitive to the average person, just as those Classic Cars are out of reach to the average collector today.

The 1932 Chevrolet Cabriolet belongs to a client, and the 1937 Chevrolet Pickup Truck is my own, both of which I restored. I drove the 1937 Chevy, solo, from Seattle to North Carolina and back, in 2007.

Vintage Chevrolet Truck Accessories

In Astoria, Oregon I spotted a vintage 1953 Chevrolet Truck. Shortly thereafter a mother and her four daughters showed up. The mother was photographing her daughters on the 1953 Chevrolet Truck. I saw an opportunity to show how the right accessories can really dress up this vintage Chevrolet. I offered to take a picture of the mother standing with her daughters in exchange for getting some pictures of my own to post here on my blog.