1914 Cadillac fender reconstruction

This 1914 Cadillac is a very nice example of a well preserved piece of history.

Not surprising though, it did have a small amount of rust problems. I had to make a few pieces for the front fenders, fit them into place.

1956 Jaguar XK140 Roadster Restoration Project

The Jaguar XK140 Roadster, in my opinion is the sexiest one the the Jaguar fleet.

This particular example has only about 35,000 original miles on it. The previous owner was not good at keeping it on the road, so it was a bit of a challenge getting it looking the way it does now.

I'm pretty confident that it will stand up to in depth critiquing now that we have got a smooth finish of black on the body.

We are waiting for the owner, who is having the chassis finished. Once we get the chassis back, we can set the body back down on it and get all the sheet metal bolted and fit back into place again. Fitting of all the panels has been done numerous times throughout the process of body restoration. (I just wanted to mention that to those who don't understand the proper process.)

I had to make the rear section of the body, up about 12 inches from the back/bottom. Also a large portion of the left front fender, behind the wheel. I think I got about 5 pounds of lead out of that LF fender, around the side vent area.