Overdrive upgrade in your Vintage Automobile


I’m working on a 1936 Dodge (P-24 Engine, original transmission).  Planning to use this as a DRIVER ... Local Car Shows and Cruise In’s.  I’d like to be able to cruise at current road speeds (55-60). Can’t do it with stock gearing.  The engine’s ‘sweet spot’ is around 45 MPH.  Any suggestions you have will be appreciated but would really like information and sources for an original, period correct, floor shift Borg Warner (?) OVERDRIVE or Overdrive Transmission.  Thanks in advance for your help and counsel. 


Hello Bill,

My suggestion would be to research the later Chrysler Corp. 3 speed overdrive transmissions. I seriously doubt that you will find anything that would be date correct to your 36 Dodge that would give you the gear ratio that you are seeking. I am not that familiar with the Chrysler options and or interchangeability. It may be that you will have to mount an overdrive separately, as I did in my 37 Chevy Pickup.
Yours should be easier to install if I am correct in assuming that you have an open drive line situation in your Dodge.

If I can be of further assistance, let me know.