Hot Rod 235 Chevrolet Stove Bolt Six

Stromberg BXOV2 carburetors are the choice of discerning stove bolt six hotrodders. These planted on top of a vintage Edelbrock intake make for a responsive accelerator. I was able to round up this matching pair by diligently watching e-bay, and picking them off, one at a time. They were both NORS. It took me several months of watching every day but after removing the Carter W-1 carbs that I had been using, I realized a huge difference in accelerator response.

Yes it cut into my fuel economy but driving my 37 Chevy is not about economy anyway. It's about enjoyment.

The air cleaners on top are original AC air cleaners off 1940's vintage trucks. The elements are original fiber from the 1930's and are about as rare as hens teeth. I had a seller throw one in with a brass replacement that I won on e-bay and when I saw the freebie that he gave me, I knew I had to have another one. I just really liked the way the color went with the decal on top. It took me about 8 months of watching e-bay to come up with the second one and I soon found that several people wanted it real bad. I put a bid in at about $120 and actually won it for $77, if my memory serves me right. I have not seen another since that auction that I won about 4 years ago.

The split exhaust manifold is actually the original 1937, 216 manifold that came on my truck. I did the split on it and had a local welder stick it together with nickel alloy rod.  I made some adapter rings for the intake to the head because I am running the 1960 235ci engine.

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