Classic Car Show At Tom Crook Garage Packard Auburn Cadillac

Super 8 and Twin Six Packard, Auburn, 1934 Ford Sedan Delivery 36 Fords 40 Mercury Convertible, Ford Woodie, V16 Touring Cadillac 1948 Town and Country Chrysler, Darrin Body Packard, 1933 Packard Dietrich Body Dual Cowl Phaeton, just to name a few of the fabulous classic cars displayed in Tom Crook's garage. The 33 Packard Dietrich Body Dual cowl was there temporarily from what I heard, as it has recently changed ownership. Owned prior by a gentleman from Mercer Island. I also heard that Tom owns all the rest of the cars in the garage. The 33 was a car that I personally had a big part in restoring back in 1991 I believe it a was. It's the dusty rose colored car with the maroon top. I unfortunately, was unable to attend the show in person as I had prior commitment. Friends however did attend and gave me report on the show.


GG said...

Enjoyed this video...and the music. Had heard about Tom Crook from my Dad (Darrin Packard owner - What a beautiful collection.

68caprice said...

Thanks for the video, some amazing cars there..