1946 Studebaker Pickup Truck Restoration Interior

 Some would say that restoring the interior, dash, and doors/windows is like remodeling your bathroom.  It is probably the most labor intensive part of the job when it has been cobbled up like a lot of them  with nonfunctional windows, cowl vent, heater/defroster, horn button/wiring, with no horns, no wiper motors, and with the aftermarket replacement odd ball headlight switch, and non matching heater switch. 

I was lucky to acquire a pair of original wiper motors, a NOS headlight switch, a NOS ivory colored starter button that I installed in the dash to eliminate the poor design switch that was activated with the clutch pedal arm, and a heater switch that matches the original knobs on the dash. I installed a pair of horns on the existing mounting bracket and of course, rewired the system for those, all the way from the horn button. I also installed a very nice period correct self canceling, 7 wire turn signal switch, that I completely restored back to the hammered finish, reconditioned internal switch, new wire, and NOS TungSol flasher, that is actually the same color as the existing heater/defroster that I restored as well.

I replaced most of the cardboard interior pieces with the exception of the headliner and sun visors that I repainted back to original color.

The door windows are working again with replaced clutch springs in the regulator and new run channels etc. The risers were rusted and in need of replacement as well so I rebuilt them and painted as necessary. One wing window was de-laminated severely, so that one is new now.

Here are some before and after shots.

I got a new key cut by the code from a blank that I picked up on eBay.  The original key was so worn that it would fall out of the ignition switch and barely worked it the door. Cutting it by the code was essential in getting it back to the original un-worn point.  I also haven't painted the NOS radio delete plate that I installed in place of the original that was drilled full of big holes. I am still looking for a nice gear shift knob too.


This is the second Yankee 960 Turn Signal Switch that I have converted to a 12 volt 7 wire unit.

For those of you who aren't informed about the difference between the original 4 wire and the 7 wire....  The 7 wire switch allows you to use your existing brake lights as turn signals rather than adding extra lights to accommodate the turn signal function.

  I'm really satisfied with how well it works and I'm relieved that it is finally finished.  I couldn't count the hours spent on this conversion but I started back on it first thing this morning and have about 7-1/2 more hours into it today.

I told myself after the first one that I wouldn't do another.  I'm having those same thoughts again cause I should have spent the day working on one of the other half dozen projects on my list.

The price tag on this one is $500  SOLD

I do have another one in my collection of switches and it is a NOS switch. I'm thinking that I may just stick it back on the market and hope to recoup my money on it, rather than going through the process of converting it.

Here are some pictures.

Here is the NOS switch that I mentioned. I need $500 for this one. It is complete with clamp, flasher, and original wiring.

Well this is the first one that I converted and I polished it and installed a glass jewel as well.   SOLD