1962 Austin Healey MarkII Restoration

I've been helping a friend with his Restoration Project.  Lots of sheet metal work including rust repair/replacement with new metal, and lots of straightening of damaged panels.  

He took the car to Portland Oregon, and had it chemically stripped, after he completely disassembled the car. The process removes all paint and rust. 

Getting the body set up level and then establishing datum to duplicate positioning of major replacement structures is a must, in order to end up with the proper fit throughout the process of reconstruction. This is established using a laser from the beginning and continuously throughout the entire build, all the way to, and including the alignment of the bumpers.

Once the main structure assembly is brought back to the proper shape and alignment, it's time to install, reconstruct and patch the outer sheet metal. 

Assembling the complete outer body is also very important before the patch panels are done. 

Loading the structure with the proper amount of weight and supported at the proper suspension positions is equally important in order to duplicate the exact positioning of the outer panels.

Spot welding structural components together was done by using a Mig welder and doing "plug welds".

All the outer sheet steel and aluminum panels were done with a Tig welder.


 The images are not in order.  The main structure will be fitted with all the mechanical, electrical and plumbing and then the pre-fit, pre-surfaced outer panels will be re-installed, final fit and then refinished on the car.  This has although not been the conventional way with most cars, it seems to be the best for the Healey. The seals and inner door panels are also installed for final fit so the doors etc. flush out properly when finished.