1936 Packard Hooper Bodied Limousine Coach


We, Don & Judy, bought a 1936 Packard that had a custom Hooper Coach Builders Ltd. aluminum body, that had a body made in England.  The steering wheel was on the right side. We sold it to a man on Mercer Island who owned a travel agency business in 1968 because we were moving to Arizona and couldn't keep it.

Have you ever seen it?

We bought it for $1,500 in 1964 and sold it for $1,475 in 1968.

A WWII American Army vet in Bothell, WA was friends with a WWII English Army vet.  There was a large estate sale in England in 1963 with five classic cars, which included the 1936 Packard, one or two old Bentleys, and old Jaguar and the fifth old classic car that I can't remember the type.  They shipped all five classic cars over on a ship and sold them from the front lawn of the man who lived in Bothell, WA.

From the wind shield forward it was Packard, with a Packard engine and running gear, but from the wind shield back it was a custom Hooper Coach Builders Ltd aluminum body.  When you opened the back doors, there were brass plates above the running boards that said "Hooper Coach Builders Ltd, Coach Builders to her Majesty the Queen"  A wealthy Englishman had two made and, reportedly, one was destroyed during the bombings of WW II in London.

The turn signals were lite arms that popped up between the front and back doors.  It had a "Jack-all" system, with built-in jacks behind each wheel and you could dial "front-back- or all" from the engine area and it would jack up each area.

Don & Judy
Don & Judy,

Thank you for visiting my site RestoRodsToGo and submitting your "Ask Doug" inquiry. With the help of a friend and former chair person for the Pebble Beach Concours d' Elegance Glenn Mounger, we located an ad for the car you are inquiring about. There wasn't a specific link for the ad itself on the Packard Club site, so I placed a copy of the ad with a link below, to the Packard Club advertisement for the 1936 Packard!