1964 Corvette Coupe Restoration

1964 Corvette Sting Ray Restoration starts with initial evaluation to determine where the major problem areas are.

We decided to get a used left door for the car because the original had been busted up and had a bad repair done to it. The metal structural part of the door was damaged too and hadn't been corrected completely. In fitting the replacement door, I realized how much these cars vary from one to another. It took quite a bit of finessing to get the door to fit properly but now fits better I am sure than it did when it was new.

This Corvette had been bumped here and there, but nothing major. The structural metal member in the header was bowed from impact on the left front fender and we were able to get that taken care of pretty nicely.

There were some places of separation in the fiberglass panels and around the windshield opening were it is glued to the metal structure. The metal was quite rusty and the walnut shell blasting did nothing to remove the rust. I used a stripping wheel on that and used a cut off wheel to get down between the metal and fiberglass. I sealed the rust that I couldn't remove, with POR15. I have found this to be the only effective way to seal rust, permanently. After sealing it, I reglued the fiberglass to the metal, using a modern two part panel adhesive.

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