Traditional Hot Rod Tail Lights Nite Owls

Traditional hot rods are in a class of their own. Modern, off the shelf parts have now place in the building of traditional hot rods. Making use of the parts that were available in the wrecking yards and what was on the shelf in the 1940's and 1950's is what it's all about. Naturally, picking the "cool parts" and making use of them was what the discerning hot rod builder did and still does today.

Sure there was the "follow the leader" attitude then to a certain extent just as there is today. There wasn't as many aftermarket/engineered parts available then though, so you had to do a little thinking on your own.

One of the subtle but really cool and functional additions you could do to your ride, is add the "Nite Owl" tail lights. They are actually visible from the side. This was the idea of the design in making them dome shaped. Later, car makers actually started using separate lights, called "side marker" lights.

You won't likely be able to just go out and get some of these, but that's all part of what makes your car special. Those hard to find vintage parts. Yes it takes a tremendous amount of time to round up all the stuff to make a car like the 1936 Ford Hot Rod that these lights are on. All the specialty things on this car sets it so far apart from the crowd, it's literally incomprehensible to the average car builder.

You can also see some professional photos of this car in Rod and Custom feature Gentleman's Hot Rod. The writer's mention of the 21st century seat belts is incorrect. The belts are 1950's belts.

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