1964 Corvette Coupe Restoration Part 2

1964 Corvette Coupe Restoration Part 2.

Restoration of a 1964 Corvette Stingray requires some different skills from restoration of a metal classic car, or muscle car.

Dealing with rust is a challenge on the Stingray as well, but it is limited to the windshield aperture and chassis etc.

The windshield opening structure was rusted and released from the fiberglass, and had to be cleaned, treated and re glued to the fiberglass. This was accomplished fairly easily in comparison to what it might have been, years ago, when we didn't have the modern products. Now we have POR15 to encapsulate the rusty surface and provide a solid substrate to apply urethane body panel adhesive to. These adhesives are used in place of welding at times, on body panel replacements, in the collision repair industry.

I actually brought this car to a much higher level of fit and finish than it was from the factory originally.


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