Good Year Disc Wheels for Gordon Buehrig Victoria

Reader looking for Good Year Disc Wheels to complete his custom Gordon Buehrig Victoria.

 Hi Doug,

I found your webpages while searching for information about Goodyear Air Wheels from the 1932-33 era.  I noticed your photos of General Jumbo wheels and reference to these Goodyear wheels and tires.

I have built a replica of a 1930 Ford Model A Cabriolet that Gordon Buehrig modified into a Victoria Convertible in 1930-32.   He described he used 15” “experimental” Goodyear disk wheels and tires, I have attached a photo of the original car with these wheels mounted.  I have been unable to locate any of these wheels for sale to use on my car, and have used 16” Kelsey Hayes wires with aluminum wheel disks instead to recreate the look.  If you know of any of the original wheels for sale in 15 or 16” size for Ford hubs I would like to follow up on them.  I plan to place some ads in various websites, any suggestions you have would be appreciated.

Thanks, Jack      Vancouver, WA

Nice looking car you've created!

The wheels you are looking for, are rare indeed. I have personally only seen one on ebay.
Finding the correct tires will likely be more difficult as I don't think the 15s are being reproduced. I know the larger diameter are. They aren't a tire that drive well on pavement anyway. I think they were more for soft surface road.

It seems like I remember a set of those wheels in a garage of a collector that I went to look at a 31 Roadster PU. The wheels were NOS and with caps. It's been some time ago when I saw them and they weren't really available at the time, however I will try to find out about them for your project as it seems your project is a deserving recipient for the wheels.

Thanks for the pictures too.  Doug

I just talked to the owner of the nos wheels and he is not going to let them go. He says he has some projects and thinks he might use them. You know how that goes. I'm sorry I couldn't make that happen for you.

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