Hot Rod Mirrors, Tear Drop Style, and Original

No Glare or Non Glare mirrors are very rare to see on a Vintage or Restored Car. Not many people even consider the importance of the Glare free mirrors and quite probably, don't even know they exist. I think I can safely say that no one is reproducing no glare mirrors for Classic Cars, however all cars used non glare mirrors as original equipment, for nearly as long as cars have been built. The reason being is that when you are driving at night and a car comes up behind you with headlights on, you will be blinded. I personally think that manufacturers should be required to install non glare mirror in any and all reproduction or replacement mirrors that are to be used for automobiles. Not that I am for more government control but this truly is a safety issue. I make a special effort now to make sure that any car that I build, has the no glare mirrors even if it means removing standard mirror and replacing it in the mirror heads.

Occasionally you can find, on e-bay, a listing for original and early accessory aftermarket mirrors such a Yankee and sometimes original equipment mirrors as well. I have added pictures of both here. The tear drop mirrors recently sold on e-bay auction for $325.

I won an auction for the original 1937 Chevrolet Truck Mirrors for a fraction of that. It was a Buy It Now auction and to my surprise, I missed it the first week it ran. Now that e-bay is much more used than it was in earlier years, it is very rare to find such a deal. I really lucked out. I do have three more original 37 truck mirrors in my stash and would be willing to part with two of them. I will keep at least one for spare, just in case some accident does happen. Finding them is kinda like finding hens teeth.

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