General Jumbo Wheels 1930's

Balloon Tires were introduced in the early thirties. All the major tire manufacturers offered their version of the tires. General Tire Co. called them Jumbos... "General Jumbo" is the most well known version of the "Balloon Tires"

Firestone and Goodyear use model names "Air Wheel" and "Air Balloon". The wheel that General Tire Company used was produced by Cleveland Welding and the wheel was stamped with the identifying mark, Cleve Weld. Kelsey Hayes, Clark Equipment, and a number of other companies manufactured wheels for other tire companies. They were offered as a package, wheel/tire combination from the tire companies. Looking at third picture of the 11 spoke wheel you will see the Goodrich logo on the cap.

Chevrolet offered 40 spoke, or bent spoke 16X4-1/2 inch wheels for 1932 and 1933. They have the official "Bow Tie" stamped into the wheel, identifying them as an official accessory wheel. These wheels are extremely rare, as are the other special aftermarket wheels.

The larger profile tires gave a better ride and allowed for travel over softer terrain.

Now that the Cosmichrome is done, I will paint the rim black, just like it was when it was new. This will give a totally different look to my 37 Chevy Pickup! 
These are the tires, without the whitewall though.

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Unknown said...

Hi Doug, those Cleveland Welding wheels are a terrific item! I have several vintage (40's) bicycles made by CleveWeld and I think this company made many more products. It became AMF somewhere in the past and no longer exists as Cleveland Welding Co.