1936 Ford Pressurized Radiator

This 1936 Ford Radiator shown here in the pictures, displays how I retained the original look, while increasing the cooling ability by pressurizing the water. In doing so, the temperature of the boiling point is raised.

I used the original cap on top, and blocked off the original overflow tube. I then added a later, pressure type 90 degree neck inside the fan well on the underside of the top tank. I extended the neck all the way to within 1/8th of an inch of touching the inside of the top of the tank. By doing so, I utilized the full capacity of the tank. I then ran the overflow off the pressure neck.

This conversion works only when you are running a different engine application. In this particular case, I used a 1957 Corvette FI engine.

Pressurizing the 1936 Ford Radiator must be done with caution. Because the hood is hinged off the radiator, it is critical that the large top tank is not expanded by too much pressure. The maximum safe pressure is about 4 lbs.

It was a complete success. The cooling system works great. You have to get down pretty low to see the pressure cap.
This picture shows how the pressure cap will set inside the fan well and reach the top of the tank inside. Which is very important to take advantage of the full capacity of the top tank.
The original cap on top.
After the pressure cap is installed in the fan well on the underside of the top tank.

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