Chevrolet Mechanic Pin 1930's

These pins were issued to the mechanics in the Chevrolet dealerships in the late 1930's. They pop up on the big auction site from time to time and the pins that are marked 1/10th 10k can fetch a pretty good sum. I don't know if there is any difference between the pins that are market opposed to the pins that aren't other than the fact that the marked pins will bring a lot more at auction.

Here's what one reader recently wrote to me.

Hey Doug, I have one of the pins pictured on you web site.  It belonged to my dad, who began his mechanic career at McInnis Chevrolet in Baton Rouge, La., somewhere around 1937-38. I was just searching for info about the pin when I saw yours on your web site.  Thanks for helping me identify it.   Ed , Dallas, TX

Doug   to Ed
Glad to have been a help. Some of them were marked on the back 1/10th 10K gold. Does yours have that marking?

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