1928 Chevrolet Roadster Restoration

1928 Chevrolet Roadster Restoration starts with complete disassembling and cleaning to bare metal. The metal is then acid etched and primered with epoxy primer. The rust is cut out, patch panels formed and tig welded into place. All the sheet metal repair panels are butt welded unless they are at an original joint. Usually, in that case, they are lapped and spot welded
All Chevrolets were wood structure with sheet metal skins until 1937. We contracted out the wood kit manufacture to a local talent, who has much experience with wood, including boat building. Although fitting wood inside automobile sheet metal is more difficult than building boats, there are a lot of similar processes and skills required for both.

After we got the new wood structure, we went about the process of final trimming and fitting of the wood to the metal. Paying close attention to the fitting of doors, trunk lid, body lines etc. is very important in this process. You cannot bend wood to compensate for misjudged fit like you can metal.


JesusgT said...

do you have more information, or pictures of the 32 roadster restoration?

Doug Leibrant said...

If you would like to contact me you will have to use the link on the left side bar where it says "Contact Doug" That way I will have your email address so that I may respond rather than doing comments on my blog post here. Thanks, Doug