1930 1931 Cadillac V-16 Engine

GM built multiple cylinder engines for the Cadillac line in the early 1930's and unlike the Ford Flatheads, these were in head valve engines. It's true that Ford built a very inexpensive and relatively fast vehicle, starting in 1932. Which is one of the main reasons Ford became so popular. To this day, the 32 is still a popular car, and only a very small fraction of the 32s that you see are actually real 32 Fords. Most are plastic replicas and now they are reproducing them in metal.
Believe it or not. You can most likely own a very nice early Cadillac for the same money you'd have to pay for a real 1932 Ford. Am I painting a clear picture here yet?  I'm sure that there isn't a guy out there, that hasn't seen plenty of the Ford Flatheads. How many of you have seen the V-16 Cadillac engine from prior to the first Ford V-8? Well here is a nice example of that beautiful V-16 Cadillac engine. They also built a V-12 in the same time period. I found this example on an auction site that deals in Vintage Cars and parts

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