GLARE SHIELDS for Blinding Headlights on Vintage Cars

Headlights have come a long way since automobiles were first built. Although they light up the road far better now, than they used to, they were blinding, making night driving quite hazardous.

Early headlights did not have the defusing lenses that the new headlights have today. With just clear glass, they were glaring right in the eyes of the drivers of oncoming vehicles. Lens technology was advancing in the later 1920's.

Still there were such a range of differences in output that small companies started marketing GLARE SHIELDS. I have come across a couple good examples of those, on e-bay, and actually installed one on my 1937 Chevrolet Pickup.

The one I kept, retailed for $5.00 when it was new. That was a substantial amount, considering you could buy a new car for about $500.00 then.

The propaganda that was with these examples is quite comical to read.

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