Classic Car Turn Signal Switches Universal Style

Vintage turn signal switches for classic and vintage cars and trucks are available on the used market in a variety of nice styles. These are quality Made in the USA switches, unlike the new switches you buy from retailers. I have made a hobby of collecting and restoring some of the nicer switches that were produced.

Guide was the manufacturer for General Motors accessory switches and the 6004 model came in two different styles as far as the mounting hardware is concerned. The early switches that were also used on truck through 1953, had a separate clamp while the cars in the early 1950's had the clamp as part of the lower casting.

The early switches were wired for separate lights both front and rear. The later 6004 production switches were wired for integrated lights in the rear.

Some other companies such as Dietz and BLC also marketed the 6004 guide with slightly different casting and one that was sold through Wards dept store had a different handle, more like the Yankee switch of that era.

The Yankee is another very nice die cast switch that I have been fond of.

The one that is the rarest though, and gets the most attention on the market is the one that was made by Pioneer, and we refer to that one as the Buck Rodgers switch. It came in hammer tone finish and rarely in chrome.

Please check out the pictures I've posted here. Click on them to enlarge.

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