Electric Car 1913 Detroit Electric

The Anderson Carriage Company, established in Port Huron, Michigan in 1884 was moved to Detroit by its founder in 1885. The first Detroit Electric car was in 1907. The electric car business prospered, and in 1911 the firm was renamed the Anderson Electric Car Company, but the cars were still known as Detroit Electrics.

The company was always careful to insist that its cars were not for touring. It was designed as an urban vehicle for the woman driver. The advertised range was 80 miles between charges, however in one company test; a Detroit Electric ran 211.3 miles on a single charge.

In 1913, Detroit Electrics were built under the license in Scotland by Arrol-Johnson. In 1919, the company name was changed to Detroit Electric. Production continued until 1938. Sometime before WW11, The most famous American electric car quietly disappeared from the automotive scene.

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