Ongoing Restoration of 1946 Studebaker Pickup Truck

I've been busy on the project and have some new images to share. Getting the dash back in and everything working was a real project. The headliner and all the trim panels are in place and all the garnish moldings as well. I was able to modify a switch knob that matches the original headlamp knob, for the heater switch that I mounted under the dash in the middle.

I'm waiting for defroster hose to arrive but everything else is together in the dash. I was surprised to see an ignition switch illuminator, but I am learning that these Studebakers were much more deluxe than the Fords and Chevys. 

I elected to refinish the heater in the original hammered finish and may do the turn signal switch the same as it came hammered finish too. I still have to go through the turn switch, I having a lot of experience with the early turn switches, and decided to use the one that is the most appealing to me cause I just got lucky a couple weeks ago and picked up this one on eBay. It is also the rarest of the nice self canceling add on switches.

I also elected to eliminate the original starter button that was pressed when you pushed the clutch in all the way. I picked up a nice push button switch that I mounted in the left side of the dash as you can see in the pictures.

So here is a before picture and a couple of what it looks like now.

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