1946 Studebaker Pickup Truck Restoration Project

This truck came up on CL in my immediate area. 


It didn't take long to get it loaded on my trailer for the short ride back to my shop.

It had a lot of cobbled up stuff going on as you can see by the interior and engine bay.

I was lucky to acquire the correct wiper motors on eBay as well as a NOS headlamp switch, and pieced together a couple very nice period correct Guide R13 glass tail lights. I also acquired some correct NOS Trico wiper arms and blades, and a very nice radio delete plate to replace the one on the truck , from the second owner back, that had 3 holes drilled in it. He actually had the truck stored  in his vintage cars and parts store for more than 20 years over in Port Townsend, WA. before he sold it to the last owner.

I can't stand driving a vehicle that doesn't have 3 mirrors, and I should mention that they need to be "No Glare" mirror as well. I'm still trying to locate that third mirror but today I completed a right side mount in the same fashion as the original left side bracket.

I still need to find some correct screws for mounting this cause the Phillips head screws are just not acceptable on this truck.

More later on this project. 

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