Hotrodarama 2010 My pick for Best of Show 1932 Ford Coupe

An inline six is not what you would normally expect to see in a 1932 Ford Coupe hot rod. Probably the number one choice would be a flat head v-8.

The Chevrolet 261 bored to 278 and sporting the extremely rare 12 port Wayne head is what makes this such a refreshing work of art. On top of the 5 carb mainifold you will see 5 very rare large logo Stromberg 81 carbs. These were the carbs that came on the little V-8 60 flatty.

It is using a Spalding cam for opening passage through the 12 ports in the Wayne head, that holds the 12.5-1 compression of combustable and allows passage of waste. This little inline six pumps out some healthy ponies.

I personally think you'd be hard pressed to find a Ford flathead that could keep up with this Wayne powered vintage style hot rod.

The Joe Hunt Scintilla magneto does the job of turning the vintage 1940's early 50's Stewert Warner mechanical tachometer, as well as starting the fires in the cylinders.

At the rear is a much desired Halibrand Culver City V-8 Quickchange.

1940 Lincoln brakes for stopping,Okie Adams dropped axle and 49 Ford F-1 steering box, with a 1937 Lincoln Zephry steering wheel keep this hot rod going down the road in a controlled fashion.

The 1932 Auburn dash ads a little finishing touch to the interior.

Yes, the wheels are real halibrand mags and knock offs. They are 16x5 and 16x6.

Keeping to a theme seems to be quite a difficult task for car builders. It seems that some things always have to be made better than the period offered. Pat and the builder did a much better job than most on this one.

I sincerely feel this was by far the best example of a vintage style hot rot at the 2010 Hotrod-A-Rama. My hat is off to Pat, Butch and the others involved in this work of art.

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