1948 Chevrolet Panel Truck With Door Handles Removed

Pete is trying to make his 1948 Chevy Panel Truck a little less of a hassle to get into. Seems some self proclaimed designer decided it would be a good idea to have doors without handles.


I have a 1948 chevy panel truck (just got a month ago) the front doors are shaved and the person put a keyed switch on the running board to open the window and reach in and unlock the door, but the rear door has a handle not lockable I am wanting to find a lockable handle for the rear to be able to get in still in case I lose battery power. I am think about putting door poppers with remote door locks for the front. Do you know where I might find a lockable handle for this truck? Do you recommend any type of door popper set up?

Thanks for any help or ideas.



I think it is unfortunate that the handles have been removed from your truck. I personally would try to bring that back. I think the object of removing handles was to cut down on wind resistance and I don't think it really makes any difference on your truck. Removing them did however create a nuisance every time you go to open your doors. Guess there was a reason for putting door handles on the vehicle in the first place.

Reminds me of the kids wearing their pants around their knees.

I have a friend that had some parts, and I have asked him to look when he has a chance, to see if he still has some handles. If he does, I will let you know. Otherwise you can probably get some on e-bay if you put your time in.


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