Installing a 302 in the 1936 Ford

Les wants to put a 302 Ford engine in his late father's 1936 Ford to complete his dad's plan for the car.

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I am currently attempting to finish the engine conversion that my father, Phil Diez had started and then suddenly passed away half way through. He was one of the original Tampa Knights and an early pioneer in real steel street rods in the 70s and 80s. I have inherited his 36/ 5 window coupe and wish he was here to pick his brain on how the heck he was going to shovel the 302 he built to replace the 327 that was originally installed.  He had cut the firewall and I have 2 special motor mount flat plates that I believe he was going to use. In a quick mock up placing the engine and tranny into the car , the engine really protrudes into the gas pedal area etc. if the fan is going to clear the radiator.. I have been flying over in Afghanistan and Iraq and am now home for good and want to try and finish the installation. It is a beautiful car that was his proudest achievement. He is a real old school resto rod streetrodder and Nascar sportsmen legend from the Tampa bay area. Cecil Taylor of Hercules Motors was a big help in letting me safely store the car at his shop until I could arrange to have it hauled to North East Ohio several years ago. What started the conversion idea was when Don Garlits was picking on him for not having a Ford in a Ford now that a rear sump option is available. ( They went to high school together) Originally he was going to install one of his old Offy powered flat heads in there but elected to build a Boss 302 instead. He was on Social security disability the last 10 years and had to watch his pennies.  Anyway, I would like to honor him with the completion and take the car to the Tampa NSRA Nats some year in the future so that all of his friends can see that it was possible and etc. I would be very appreciative of any guidance I could receive.

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I encourage you to look at shortening the water pump in an attempt to fit the engine in between the original firewall and radiator. Another option is to use a 260 water pump. If you can find one, it will save on machine work expense. You may also need to shorten your fan blades slightly, in order to clear the lower outlet on the radiator. You can also pressurize your radiator in order to enhance the cooling ability. 

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