Guide 6004 Turn Signal Switch

 A reader contacted with a question on how to wire an old turn signal switch.

"I have an old Guide 6004 turn signal with the original cloth covered wire. I need to know how to wire this in. the wires are quite old, of course. so they are hard to read the color. But here it goes. Red. White, with red and black striping/stitching. White with just black stitching. Seems to be yellow on the last one. This came with a old 3 post flasher, but it was not connected.
Can you please help me? I see you are from the Northwest - so am I . E-mail, or call, please"

Sounds like what you have is a 5 wire unit. The way it is wired, you will need separate lights for your turn signals in the rear. You need a 7 wire unit to use it in an integrated circuitry situation, using your existing brake lights. Not a problem though. That can be fixed with your unit. I can rewire it as a 7 wire unit for you and make sure it is operating correctly. I would mark the wires and include detailed instructions on how to wire it as well. I left my phone number on your voice mail. Hope I can help you.

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