1940 Ford Pickup Columbia Two Speed Axle Rear End

A reader had some questions about his newly acquired 1940 Ford Pickup Truck, equipped with a Columbia Two Speed Rear Axle.


"I just bought a 1940 Ford pickup that has a Columbia 2 speed rear end and read your article on it. The switch I have is a spring loaded one and that does not seem to be what was used at that time period .I also drained the rear end fluid as I have no idea how old that oil was. My next question is what type of oil goes into that unit? The oil that came out was red in color .One last question. The brake fluid in the old manual calls for Ford brake fluid M3833 ,what type is that in today’s fluid. Thank You for your help."

Thanks for your question on the Columbia.
Your Columbia uses standard 90 weight gear oil and Dot 3 brake fluid is fine for your truck. I don't know what that red oil would be that was in your rear end. The spring loaded switch may not be original but as long as it functions to switch the vacuum valve, directing the vacuum to one side and the other of the slave cylinder at the rear axle you should be good to go, provided the rest of the system is up to snuff.

"THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU. It is sure nice to have someone who can help a new guy out with questions that arise.The knob idea is good,but doing a lot of on line search for parts and info there is a company called Chuck's trucks and CandG that have the original knobs that I found on their web site.Thank You again, Ron"

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