1939 Chevrolet Sport Coupe

This 1939 Chevrolet Sport Coupe is restored to it's original glory with the exception of taller highway gears and a little larger stove bolt six. We used a 1954, 235 cubic inch inline six, so it still looks quite original under the hood but is capable of maintaining highway speeds. We used all the original accessories on the engine including the old style valve cover. If you are not an expert on these early Chevrolets, you'll not be able to tell it's been upgraded. Maintaining the design appearance is something I strongly lean towards. The paint is a near perfect match to the original Mars Gray. This was accomplished by taking the modern Dupont replacement paint, eliminating the glittery metallic substance in the formula, and replacing it with the dullest aluminum that was available in the mixing bank. The glass is date bugged and black edged just as it was originally. All fasteners are also of correct markings and finish. Detail, detail, detail.

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