I've been splitting these manifolds since 2005 and this one is the best so far. I have split the 216 manifolds and 235/261 manifolds. 

I ran 216 manifolds on my 235 in my 1937 Chevrolet pickup. The reason being is that I wanted to use the vintage Edelbrock intake manifold with 216 Stromberg BXOV2 carburetors and the original pancake air cleaners. I actually found a couple original fiber elements to go in the pancake housings too. That will likely not be duplicated as the fiber elements are about as rare as hen's teeth.

This split manifold gives your inline stovebolt six great breathing capacity and incredible sound. With the block that I install between the two halves it has a very crisp cackle. 

The distinct advantage in this manifold over the Fenton, besides the look of factory engineering, is the fact that it retains the heat riser capability which prevents carburetor icing.

This split manifold requires two original manifolds to build. The output flange doesn't need to be specific to your manifold as in 216. 235, or 261 as long as the output is matched in angle whether it be straight out or angled back. 

With the shrinking dollar,  I need $700 to do one like this. Contact me    Still a great deal when you compare the Corvette manifold for well over $1000 now for a good one.  If you can find one.....

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