1946 Pickup Truck Studebaker Restoration

 Well I finally got some 20 gauge sheet metal to patch the door skin bottoms, so I'll be working on that tomorrow.

I spent the day today leveling up the cab and mounting the front sheet metal. The body mount pads were in pretty bad condition so I made some new pads and got the cab sitting right on the frame.

Getting the body level is important to give the vehicle that "standing proud" look.

I also went back on eBay and purchased some left hand lug nuts and a left hand threading die to clean up the studs that are messed up. 

I'll make up some wire harnesses for the front park light/ turn signal lights tomorrow too. I converted the park lights below the headlights to double filament sockets. 

That cool US Pioneer self canceling turn switch will be sending current to the signal lights up front and dividing the brake lights in the rear, making one side and the other flash on demand and self cancel as well.

I can hardly wait to get the Trippe lights that I purchased on eBay, that will take the place of the standard headlights. I think the "cool factor" will be over the top with those! They're coming from Canada so it's probably gonna be a couple weeks before I receive them.

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