Rarest of the early accessory wheels made by Clev-weld, who was the same manufacturer of the famous , so called "General Jumbo" wheels. General Tire made tires that were named JUMBO, and they were mounted on the aftermarket wheels that are known as the General Jumbo Wheels.

All the other tire manufacturers made similar tires and call them different names like "Air Balloon"and "Air Wheel", etc. but the one that is by far the most well known is the GENERAL JUMBO...

I have owned and seen many different wheels of this sort that were produced for the early 1930 cars, so that they could run  "BIG WIDE TIRES" that would go over soft surfaces better than the original "PIE CUTTER" tires.

General offered their JUMBO tires on wheels that were 14",15", and 16".  The 16" are by far the most desirable now because there is a fairly wide verity of tires available now in reproduction.

I was very excited to see these wheels that I just purchased on eBay.  They are full set of 5 wheels in 16" x 4-1/2" and 6 lug Chevrolet pattern.  The wheels are NOS and have never had tires mounted on them.  They are wheels that I have never seen before.

Mopar had some wheels that were similar but not the same, if you look closely and count the spokes...

I may use these on a Teardrop trailer that I plan to build.  I haven't decided yet as I have a couple of different options of rare accessory wheels that would be great on that application. My other option is the Bent Spoke/40 Spoke/ 16" x 4-1/2" Kelsey Hayes 6 lug wheels.

Update.... I am now offering this set of 5 Clev-weld wheels for $1800.  5/6/22

Here are some images of my choices.

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