Vintage Art Deco DeVilbiss Air Compressor

This vintage Art Deco DeVilbiss Air Compressor, I believe, was made somewhere around 1936.

It is a portable, but it isn't something you'd want to carry around much. Although the outer housing is made of aluminum, and it only measures 18 inches long, 14 inches tall, and 9 inches deep, it is quite heavy. In fact setting it on the bathroom scale, it weighed in at 80 pounds. It actually has a 1/2 horsepower electric motor in the bottom center that has a shaft out both ends to drive each of the two compressor motors.

This was my prize purchase at the swap meet in Bremerton WA this last weekend.


Loontus said...

So, that's what it is! I was wondering why such a heavy radio had an oil reservoir. Just kidding. I wasn't able to find out anything about it when I got mine about 8-10 years ago. I thought I'd try again and found your page. I still can't find anything, else. Did yours come with any info? The cord was cut so I haven't run it yet. I'm hoping it runs quiet. Thanks. Dave

Doug Leibrant said...

The only info that came with mine, is that the gal I bought it from, said that it was her grandfather's compressor.