1957 Nash Metropolitan Restoration

This 1957 Nash Metropolitan restoration started out a pretty nice car. It did have minor rust issues as is expected of a car that is over 50 years old. Walt Johnsen brought the car to me for the sheet metal reconstruction and surfacing, and I got it in initial primer surfacer as well. Walt took it from there, with the assistance of "Hutch" and in his normal fashion, completed undoubtedly one of the nicest Metros, period. (Not to use the term "period" as it has been used by our current "fearless leader").

The fit on these Metropolitans was not the best. The gaps varied quite a bit from the factory. As long as things closed without interference, it seamed "good enough". I made a choice to refine the gaps to give it a more crisp appearance.

As a result of my reconstruction, fit of the sheet metal components, and Walt's surfacing and finishing, as well as his attention to detail in the re assembly of this 1957 Nash Metropolitan, it was the recipient of "Best in Class Award" for 1949-1959 Domestic automobile at 2013 Forest Grove Concours d' Elegance.

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