1936 Chevrolet Original Survivor

Thomasuras Rick  to me

MAN !!!!!!!!!!! What nice work.  I'm a home builder and 30's era car lover 1936 is my favorite year and I searched  the net looking at cars ,rod builders , and doing research on 30 ERA woodies for my project and I have to say your site and cars are the best I've seen . I'm attaching a photo of my 1936 D2 that's all original down to the paint. It was a crazy find and it's amazing to see an original car in this shape , the window rubber and floor mats are all dried and cracking but I'm leaving it. The car has never been apart or painted, and runs great , Didn't help my project any I had to find another parts car . But I relay enjoyed your site and am amazed at your fine work .

Thanks for the compliment.
Your 36 is a beauty and I'm glad you are keeping it in it's original state. There are so few of these true survivors. Once you restore a car, it puts it into a different category. It is just wonderful to see originals like the one here that you were so lucky to acquire.

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