1935 Flxible Bus Window Frame Restoration

Restoring vintage vehicles present constant challenges. Window frame restoration is a common problem.

Hi Doug,

I am restoring a 1935 flxible Bus. There are several "fixed" windows which use the same window frame material as the windshield frames. The sources I have found that make windshield frames, don't make the 3/4"x3/4" frame that I need. I have attached some photos of crosscut sections, etc. Can you give me any advise or direction on finding some of this material.

Thanks, Doc

What you have there is obviously a complicated part to reproduce. I am not familiar with any type vehicle that used a frame like that one. My guess is that you may have to compromise or modify in order to make something work. It is possible to machine parts similar to this, but it would be very complicated and time consuming. If you could find something similar, my guess is, that would be your best bet.

Being a fixed window, a combination of your rubber seal and glue may be an option. I am assuming that there is a visible rubber seal around the outside of the frame that is supposed to fit in the outer channel. That feature of the frame introduces extreme complexity to the problem, and if you can somehow make do without that, it would very much simplify the situation.

I know from personal experiences that we sometimes get fixated on a certain aspect of the restoration project, and sometimes just another suggestion from someone on the outside may bring to light a simple solution to the problem. Though it may not be the ideal solution, it may be something that will allow you to move forward with the project.

Without knowing any more about the situation than what you have provided me, I guess that is about all I can come up with for thoughts at this point.

Thanks, and I hope I have been of help. Wish I could have provided you with a source for someone making copies of that material, but unfortunately, something of this nature would require very expensive and complex machinery to produce.

With a lot of luck, a visitor to my site, may be able to share some valuable information.