Restored Turn Signal Switch 1940s 1950s Self Canceling 7 wire Very Rare Art deco

This is one of the finest switches that were produced as an add on switch.  The body is die cast metal,  it has a wheel that turns against the steering wheel to cancel the switch as you turn your steering wheel back straight and it has an internal switch with 7 contacts,  giving it that capability of separating the brake lights so one can be flashing while the other is on solid.  This is the big advantage over the 4 wire units that so many people get fixated on,  like the Yankee 960.  Yes it's cool looking,  but it doesn't self cancel and it's a mystery to me how you could tie into your existing brake lights with that unit. It can't be mechanically connected to achieve that function.

This unit has been completely restored and is ready to install,  with wiring instructions.

Doesn't get any better than this.   This is a US Pioneer 250

I'm offering this for $310 plus flat rate priority shipping

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