Guide 6004 Turn Signal Switch For Sale NOS and Restored Guide 6004 Yankee Dietz US Pioneer

Guide 6004 Turn Signal Switches are among my favorite and one of the models that I have been restoring for over 15 years.

I only do turn signal switches that appeal to me,  which are all made of "Die Cast metal".  They are all "7 wire" units and they are all "Self Canceling"

Because the mounting brackets, and clamps are frequently lost,  I have made hammer forms to recreate those missing pieces.

If you have a discerning taste for quality on your Classic or Collector Car,  then here is your opportunity to keep your car looking good and functioning comfortably.

I usually have a selection of switches for sale that have been gone through thoroughly and most have been repainted unless the original paint is in good shape.

If you have been so lucky to come upon a good one on eBay or elsewhere,  I can restore your switch.
I have picked up a lot of switches like that, but I'm finding it harder to get a reasonable deal on a core like that anymore. There are probably a lot of those switches laying in "Dream State" now.

Here are some examples of my painstakingly restored switches, and some cores that I have available at the time of this posting.  Again,  these are the Vintage Turn Signal Switches that I restore. Guide 6004  Dietz 6004  B-L-C 6004  US Pioneer  Yankee

Rubber wheel self canceling,  7 wire,  Die Cast Metal  Vintage Turn Signal Switches

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