Guide 6004 US Pioneer Yankee Turn Signal Switch Restoration

Classic Car Turn Signal Switch restoration in the Seattle Area, is one of the things that I do.

Turn signal Switches that I restore are all self canceling and almost always 7 wire so they can be integrated with your brake lights. In other words, you won't need to add more lights to the rear. Just tie into your existing brake lights.

I have seen in the last couple years where the fad has gone to the early Yankee 960 turn signal switches. Those switches require modern electronics in order to make them capable of tying into your brake lights, because they don't have the internal switch capability that a 7 wire unit does. They are also not self canceling. If you choose this early Yankee switch, be prepared to shell out up to $500 by the time it is all said and done. Installation is not included in that figure.

I usually prefer to keep things simple, when building or restoring cars. The self canceling feature is very nice, and convenient, in my opinion, and the switches that are capable of mechanical integration in your system provides for much less headache and opportunity for failure.

The die cast switches that I use are all made in the late 1940s and 1950s. That is when "Made in America" really meant something. Quality is what I am referring to, unlike the switches that you see so commonly used today that are mostly made in pacific rim countries. Most of these import switches are stamped sheet metal and often not self canceling. None of them possess any resemblance of tasteful design. 

I offer switch restoration services and I sell restored units. I also have some original NOS units in my inventory. If you are interested in this detail of your car restoration in Seattle area or any other part of the world, you can contact me 
My switches come with  installation and wiring instructions.

Turn Signal Switches

Here are some more examples of turn signal switches

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