Stovebolt Six Dual Exhaust


Are you still making these split exhaust manifolds? I would love to buy one.

Ryan ----------------------


I made one for my own truck and made the other one pictured on my web site. The second one is sold. The amount of work involved in making one and cost in gathering the two manifolds that it takes to do it, makes it unfeasible, financially.

Occasionally, the early Corvette manifolds come up on e-bay or at the swap meet. Fenton did make a numbered few of the manifolds that had the heat riser too. They seem to be a lot harder to come by than the Corvette manifolds though. Either way would probably be a better way to go for you. I would not recommend the two piece Fenton as you will encounter carburetor icing if you don't heat your intake properly. The heat tube that they offer is not very effective from what I have heard.  If you are however running an Edmunds Custom intake, they are set up to run hot water through the manifold to heat it. I think that system would work just fine with the two piece Fenton exhaust.


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